Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina - article mentions OCCN's computer lab set-up for people evacuated from New Orleans to Ohio.

7, 2004 article
about ACCEL's children's computer lab in the
Zanesville Times Recorder

In Focus" with Senator Mark Mallory

OCCN's Angela Stuber chats with Mallory about Community Technology
Centers on his talk show

Statewide Network"
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"Funding for Community
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21, 2003
article about how CTCs in the Cleveland area help know-not
residents how to work a computer. Originally published in the Cleveland
Plain Dealer.

14, 2003
article about OCCN's first Ohio Community Technology
Education Day, originally published in the Columbus Daily Reporter

24, 2003
article about OCCN's new Verizon grant to develop a
Leadership Training Institute, originally published in the Columbus
Daily Reporter.