Gary Lambert, Executive Director

Gary Lambert joins the Ohio Community Computing Network staff as
Executive Director with thirty years experience in engineering,
executive and plant management. Gary is currently the President
and CEO of the Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged
Learning (ACCEL). Prior to joining OCCN's staff, Gary served as
a VP of the OCCN board, a position which allowed him to become familiar
with community technology around the state.

As president & CEO of ACCEL, Gary organized a coalition of
community members, educators, businesses & government agencies
interested in using community technology to develop innovative strategies
to effectiving student outcomes in Muskingum, Coshogton and Morgan
County Schools. Leading this coalition, Gary developed & implemented
distance learning programs using community technology, raising high
school graduation rates by unprecedented percentage points.

During his 20-year tenure as plant manager at Diebold, Gary implemented
a lean manufacturing process in eight facilities to increase efficiency,
improving productivity and on-time delivery for all products. As
vice president of global operations at the JPM Company, Gary spearheaded
the engineering excellence task force to deliver quality, cost-effective
products and services on time to our customers. In addition, Gary
provided a hands-on approach to the successful implementation of
an Enterprise Resource Planning systems, resulting in an efficient
and flexible information exchange across the merged enterprise.

Gary was born in a rural Appalachian region of Pennsylvania, the
oldest son of 8th an generation Pennsylvania dynasty. He currently
resides in Zanesville with his wife & daughter.

Robb Ebright, OCCN Consultant

Robb Ebright served as the OCCN VISTA leader from 2007-2009. He was formerly a VISTA with the CICJ (Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism) where he helped spearhead the streaming media project. Robb is an enthusiastic supporter of open source technology and it's intersection with community technology. Robb enjoys digital photography, writing and bicycling. He continues to serve OCCN community technology centers as a consultant.

Candace Parsons, membership coordinator

Candace Parsons is working as membership coordinator for OCCN, she was formerly the Vista Leader.
Candace graduated from the University of Dayton in 2005 with a BA
in International Studies and German. During this time, she also
held a work study position teaching English at The International
Program in Dayton, OH.

From 2005 to 2006 Candace worked as a VISTA at Adventure Central
in Dayton. Candace enhanced the GPS program, increased use of the
mobile computer lab, and began work with digital video.

In her spare time, Candace enjoys reading, crafts, fishing, shooting,
and cooking.

Eric Lowe, Program Coordinator

Eric Lowe joined OCCN in February. He attended the University
of Dayton and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and had previously
worked as communications coordinator at the United Steelworkers
of America and as a research assistant at Ohio Citizen Action. He
also has worked on independent film productions in Ohio, Michigan,
Pennsylvania, and New York. Eric will work on research projects
concerning broadband access in Ohio and working with community technology
centers to implement a broadband strategy. In his spare time, Eric
enjoys writing screenplays and contributes film reviews to various
independent media outlets.